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Guest Author - Kara-Leah Masina - BEing the Change

This is the first in a series of Guest Author ‘spots’ in response to my ‘Unearthing Lost Treasures’ article. I’d like to welcome Kara-Leah to ‘be the change – tread the path’ as a good friend, a source of great support and a real inspiration to me both personally and through her site @ http://www.klmasina.co.nz/. Kara-Leah’s writing is a favourite stop for me as I sojourn through the blogosphere and her articles cover subjects on Belief, Consciousness, Creation, Guidance, Health, Love, Reality, The Mind and Yoga to name but a few of the headings in the Categories section of her site.

Your first port of call on this site should be to the article
‘Kundalinin Awakening or Bi-polar surfacing’ which is a frank, emotional and honest account of her own awakening and the fears that went with it to the point where she was mistakenly diagnosed as going through a period of mental illness. This article offers an insight as to what it actually feels like to go through a Spiritual Awakening and her transformation to the wonderful person she is now.

So, onward with due haste and I’d like to welcome Kara-Leah to my site and offer my most especial thanks for the following, thought-provoking article on Being the Change.

On BEing the change

It is with great pleasure that I come to Damian's site to write my first guest article.

His title is no mere fancy of words, no tossed off quote from a great man.

No, the title of Damian's blog is the key to the way that we can revolutionise our worlds.

And I say worlds with a plural, because there are as many worlds on the planet as there are people.

Each and every one of us views the planet through our own specific filter of beliefs, ideas, culture concepts, thoughts, fears and limitations.

There are few of us who have dropped the filter and can perceive the world AS IT IS.

When one such as Damian writes to BE the Change, he is touching on this fundamental human truth.

You can not change WHAT IS.

For it is what it is.

You can however change the filter through which you perceive what is... and then your world will change.

And as your world changes, so you change with it, responding differently, being differently, experiencing differently.

Your original change of Self and perception becomes a constant feedback loop.

In practical terms, listen to the words that fall out of your mouth and circle in your mind.

What do you wish other people did?

Then do that.

What do you wish was happening?

Then be that.

If your partner drives you nuts because they are always late... observe yourself and make sure that you are always early.

If other drivers annoy you because they dilly dally and know not where they go... always drive with intention and purpose.

If the service at your favourite restaurant is lacking, ask yourself how you can be of greater service in your life.

See each complaint, each desire, each longing to change another as an impetus to change yourself.

Then watch this change as it is reflected in the world that you perceive.

And so the world changes...

But there is more.

Because to truly step forward and BE the change... you need to drop the filter through which you perceive life and see this world for what it truly is.

You need to see the perfection in all that is.You need to accept the world as it is, right now, today.

And then, only then, as more and more people release their filters and awaken to what is...

Then true change will spread out across the globe and a new world will be seen.

It is a world that has always been here.

It is a world that just awaits discovery.

It is a world that is.

That is all.

Kara-Leah Masina - www.klmasina.com.nz

There really is nothing I’d like to add except to say a big THANK YOU to Kara-Leah for sharing that inspiration and wisdom with us.

If anyone else would like to take the opportunity to write an article on ‘BEing the Change’ please leave a comment and I’ll be in touch.

Take care and take a moment today to ‘BE the change YOU wish to see’,



The Ask, Belive, Receive Blog said...

Very good post. Makes me want to bounce over to Kara's blog to see what else she has to say.

Nathalie said...

hi Damian,
I've rewarded you with a thinking blogger award :)

You can pick it up over at my blog.
Keep on writing!

Jaya Purrs said...

Hi Damian and Kara-Leah,

This post stimulated me to write about it over on my own blog www.CatOnMyHead.com,
in the post entitled 'Be the change...'

Thanks for providing the inspiration! Now I'm off to check out Damian's blog more thoroughly and also visit Kara-Leah's blog.

Sending you both warm wishes for good juju.

~ Jaya

Deb said...

My apologies for just now reading your post Kara-Leah.

Excellent points you bring up. !!!

Thank you for sharing your thoughts here
on Damian's site.

xo xo

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