Saturday, May 05, 2007

Revolution of the Spirit

I recently drove down to o local country park, parked up and strolled down to my favourite spot – it’s a beautiful place in a wood near a stream where I often walk to ‘get in touch’ with nature and re-energise. It was a bright clear day and there is a bench where you can rest so the idea came to me to sit and meditate for a while enjoying the energies of the trees and losing myself in the rhythm of the stream.

No sooner had I started than a couple in their 50’s appeared walking their dog – greetings were exchanged, the dog was patted and they went on their way glancing back a few times as they went. A slight smile came to my face as I sensed they were wondering what I was doing sat alone on the bench.

I drifted once again and was happily soaking up the atmosphere when I became aware of another man approaching with his faithful hound in tow. The dog scampered over to me and I again greeted it with a pat on the head “Good afternoon” I said as the man caught up “Good afternoon” he mirrored in reply stopping for a moment as his dog sniffed around. I was aware that he too was wondering why someone was sat alone so I broke the silence in true English style “Nice day” said I, “It’s OK” said he, “Lovely spot” I pressed on, “Yeah, it’s alright” replied the man.

A few more moments passed until his curiosity got the better of him “Are you alright?” he enquired, “Yes, I’m fine thank you – I’m enjoying the peace and beauty – it’s a wonderful day and I love this place” I replied with a smile. “Uh, OK” said the man obviously disappointed that I didn’t have a tale of desperation to impart. “Enjoy your walk” said I, “You too” said he and shuffled on his way. I returned to my meditation with a much bigger smile and once finished strolled back to my car and headed home.

This tale demonstrates to me the human instinct to look for the worst in a situation – these people obviously saw torment where I felt peace and escape where I felt connection. Has the Human Race become so distanced from the beauty of enjoying the moment that they find weirdness where there is understanding? Is this simply the English way of seeing things, and if so, why have we become so distanced from our past?

The British Isles was once known as an Isle of Magic – the land of the faeries. These days the ‘strange’ folk can only be found running stalls in reclaimed mills or huddled together in Civic Centres at weekend ‘Mind, Body and Spirit’ fairs surrounded by Reiki beds. The subjects once prized as the knowledge and wisdom of the Mystics is now the fuel of an underground circuit of Pagan Moots, talks and presentations held in the back rooms of pubs or above shops selling crystals and incense holders.

Now don’t get me wrong here as I love nothing more than to attend a good Moot or presentation – these are the lifeblood of the Spiritual Community. The owners of the ‘alternative’ stalls and shops are the foundation of the Art – those that have answered their true calling to provide outposts of sanity in a topsy-turvy soul-less world. Next time you pass one – drop in and say hello – I guarantee they will all have a sparkle in their eyes and a wealth of magical stories to share.

But why is it that this Community is so splintered and isolated – where is the hub of these wonderful and vibrant people? The UK media frequently raise the issue of Britain ‘losing its identity’ but its plainly there for all to see, feel and experience – the Magic of the British Isles is still surging through its veins – if only more people would live in the moment and reach out and feel it.

We have reached the corona of an Evolution of Spirit and a mass awakening has begun. Many are searching for something lacking in their lives and those of us that have been activated in advance have a responsibility to pave the way. We have been primed to act as guides and teachers to signpost the way to the New Assembly. The Community of Light in the UK needs a kick up the arse – and I know that by joining together and coming out of the shadows we really can do it.

Anchor yourself in the Past – Live in the present – have Hope in the future.



Titania Starlight said...

Well said! This also a condition in the United States. There is many magical people amongst the masses but they stay hidden afraid of ridicule and rejection. Life in America is all about amassing usless and endless consumer goods. They too are searching to fill a void but filling it with the wrong sustenance.

The media here is focused on the negative and next cheap thrill to fuel the viewers limited vision and focus.

There are still those who stare at the stars, watch the spiders weave their artistic webs. They stand still as a butterfly flutters by only to stop and say hello by landing on a welcoming shoulder.

They stop and smell the wild roses and honeysuckle, looking out of their eye to catch a fleeting whisp of a dragonfly or was that the Day Queen?

I am one of those people and I spread my light and childlike wonderment where ever I go. I plant the seeds and those who are awakening I am sure will water those seeds and become fully aware of the work that needs done. :o)

Blessings of love and light.

Titania Starlight

Damian said...

Beautiful imagery Titania - you gve so much more depth to my original article.

You make sure you keep planting those seeds - watching them sprout and grow will add further meaning to your own journey.

Love and Light,


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