Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Inspiration, support and dedication - the awards

Post number Thirty and I’ve been presented with a ‘tag’ in the form of a ‘Thinking Blogger Award’ by Titania from Finding Life’s Enchantments. This originated from Ilker at The Thinking Blog (the rules for the meme can be found there) and as the gauntlet has now been handed to me I’m going to ‘award’ five other people stimulate and motivate me to continue my quest. These people put everything of themselves into their writing and deserve my full praise and gratitude for the hard work and dedication they put into their articles and the consistency of the high quality of their posts.

My path has taken many twists and turns of late and I am turning to the Community of Blog for insight and knowledge more and more. The community and ideas fascinate me and I can spend whole days hopping from post to post seeing where the links on each site lead me. This has culminated in my attempt at providing a Terminal in the confusion of the Web where we can meet, play, rest and recharge – so why not make YOUR next hop to the Soul Terminal.

Whilst pondering over the development of
SoulTerminal.com I thought of the Primary locations that would define the Community, after some consideration I narrowed it down to –

  • a place for people to barter, trade and show off their wares (The Market-place),

  • a sanctuary for healing and a supportive word from another kind Soul (The Apothecary),

  • a venue to visit to be inspired by Music, Art, Poetry and other Spirit inspired creations (the Assembly),

  • a living vibrant environment for Learning, Wisdom and Knowledge where people can share the gems they have found (the Vault),

  • somewhere supportive to go to publicise and develop our skills and to advertise our abilities (Life Forge)

  • and in my mind I saw all these leading to a central point where we could all chat and share and meet companions on our Spiritual path (the Gathering).

I was visualising what it would look like and searching for an image that could act as a graphical representation of the place I wanted to create.

Just then I closed down the Windows on my computer and looking back at me was the image I had been searching for – only the day before I had changed my Wallpaper to that of a vibrant, swirling mix of Fire, Earth, Air and Water with a glowing White Light in it’s centre – a Pentacle.

Suddenly it all clicked into place – the energy I had felt culminating in the Centre, The Gathering, was akin to the theory of ‘Sacred Space’ and all the other elements would draw in energy relating to their own areas of Life to create a focus where Spirit could flow with ease encouraging Communication and Invoking the timeless power of the WORD.

This brings me to the first person on my list who is Slade from
Shift Your Spirits who has just launched his new site with the amazing post ‘Stars of the Apocalypse’ that sums up the theory of Soulterminal.com in a very real and artistic manner. He has reached new levels of enlightenment as an author with this article which is a MUST READ. I therefore hand him a Thinking Blogger award without hesitation.

The next person who has been a real inspiration to me and has helped me develop myself and therefore my writing is Debs from
Deb_Inside. She has recently opened up herself through her writing and you can FEEL the energy flowing through the page. Therefore Debs thoroughly deserves her Thinking Blogger award and I send her heaps of Light to assist her development.

K-L Masina and especially her post Now is the time to re-enter the Garden of Eden just has to be savoured and sheds a whole new light as she weaves all the strands together so eloquently. Kara-Leah has been a constant supporter of mine and pops by occasionally to offer words of guidance and support- and her site is one I stop by regularly to get a fix of Positivity. Therefore I offer her the Thinking Blogger award with great thanks.

Another wise and wonderful author is Jeff Lilly from
Druidjournal.net, his beautiful descriptions of moments captured during meditation and the skilful unravelling of his theories and observations mark him out as an outstanding source of inspiration and thought. Jeff is a very worthy recipient of a Thinking Blogger award and I offer it to him without hesitation.

Khlari @
Musings of Khlari is a fellow Author from the UK and her descriptions of her journey through life are wonderfully written. Each article has that ’can’t wait for the next one’ feel to them and you are left wondering who will be the next victim of her wit and scrutiny. For displaying her ‘ups and downs’ in such an articulate manner to the world she fully deserves a ‘Thinking Blogger’ award with my best wishes.

I sincerely hope that they all accept these ‘awards’ with the same grace I accepted mine – this may appear ‘just another tag’ on the surface but it has allowed me to give thanks, recognition and well deserved credit to these outstanding people who are at the pinnacle of writing – and are my own personal inspirations to continue searching, writing, developing and BEing the Change.

Long may it continue,

Love and Light to all of them,



klm said...

Hey Damian,

Thank you so much - I feel qute humbled to be included in your list of Thinking Bloggers.

I loved what you wrote about the Soul Terminal - and that visual just leapt off the page at me. It's stunning - where did you find it?

I have been reading both Slade's and Jeff's sites for some time, and look forward to now reading Deb's and Khlari's.

Saw you over at WalkstheEdge too... which I have also just discovered.

Thank as always foryour writing, and inspiring us to continuing BEing the change.

Much joy,

Titania Starlight said...

I visited those blogs that you have honored and it was a grand buffet for my soul. Thank you. I shall be a regular visitor to seek nourishment.

Peace, love and healing light,

Debs said...

"All are needed by each one;
Nothing is fair or good alone".

Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882), U.S. essayist, poet, philosopher. “Each and All,” Poems (1847).

Thank you so kindly Damian
for the inclusion. !!

"Soul Terminal" ... hmmm the thought of like
thinking people linked together reminds
me of the Emerson quote.
I look forward to meeting new 'friends'
and inspiring one another.... along the path. :)


khlari said...

Thanks Damian for the thoughts on my blog!

I guess I just go for the 'warts and all formula' (was that a good thing for a witch to say- probably not!)

They all made really interesting reading, and there were many things in Kara-Leah's which said much to me.

Discovering new thought and new paths is always a good thing..... you never know where it will lead you next, and lately, I too have felt that the blogosphere has led me on new and rewarding paths.....

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