Sunday, April 01, 2007

Re-tuning your life - the music in you

I’ve been enjoying a fantastic journey these past few weeks since the ‘connections’ started and I’ve been receiving messages that are opening up the world and Spirit for me in ways I’d never have dreamed.

On this point I want to say a big THANK YOU to Debs of ‘Deb_Inside’ and Slade of ‘Shift Your Spirits’ for the two surprise dedications I received this week for being the unknowing Shepherd in our Community. It was a great HONOUR to receive such mentions, wrapped in Love and Light, from two excellent Authors and dear friends that are a total inspiration to me – thanks guys.

These ‘messages’, or ‘hints’ as I prefer to call them, haven’t come in the expected way but more as feelings that I should send an e-mail to someone, that I need to visit a friend or even that I should just Surrender and go with the flow - like a branch on the shoulders of a great stream.

I’ll explain all of these ‘hints’ as they develop and flourish but in this post I have been ‘urged’ (this is what happens when a ‘hint’ grows stronger) to pass on this analogy which I have entitled ‘Re-tuning your life – the music in you’.

The basis of this is that we all have the ability to retune our lives like you would a piano. Taking each ‘string’ at a time and refining its vibration, with patience and skill until they all come together to create your personal Life Harmony. Once you’ve perfected you own Life Harmony you may always be destined to be a Soloist but there is always opportunity to form a duet, trio or a whole Symphony Orchestra with the rest of the Spiritual World.

A strange concept to come from me as I have NO musical background at all – and nothing but a passing interest of having one at a future juncture either. So let’s start typing and see where this leads – I’d never considered this process as Automatic Writing until a friend, Eleanor, pointed it out to me yesterday – but it works for me no matter what it is called.

The cause and effect of Vibration

Music is created by creating well-tuned sounds that transmit energy in the form of VIBRATIONS. This energy can affect you in very profound and subtle ways – the same way that I explained about the power of the WORD in
another article. This reminds me of a key-ring I was bought by someone who loved me which said ‘Where words fail, Music begins’.

Music can excite you, drag you down and help you shed tears, fill you with energy, empower anger and aggression, as well as soothing and assisting stillness - this all happens by the music, and the specific frequencies that constitute it, reacting with the particles in You to create a feeling that is individual to only you.

This explains why certain groups of people favour a variety of styles, artists or genre’s. What stirs the soul of one person will serve to aggravate someone else. The blends of styles react only to you and therefore each CD collection will emphasise the personality and Spirit of its owner.

This can also be seen in Colour, and in its perfected form of Art. Many people say they don’t appreciate or understand some forms of Art but it is simply that the colours used in that certain piece, constructed in that manner, aren’t in accord with the vibrations of the energy within.

When you break it all down we, and the world around us, are all made from different forms of particles that are in constant movement. These particles have the ability to set in motion catastrophic events but choose instead to respect the space they have been given and to provide order to their host. This they do without thought to create harmony and balance in their hosts and their wider influence in the universe.

If you can take a moment to step back and see the forces at work in the World and in your Life you may better be enable to understand and adapt. So take a moment to re-tune some aspect of your life and create a wonderful Harmony that will resonate and inspire your fellow creatures and the Spirit that flows through them and is shared by all things.

Take care and listen to the ‘hints’.



Debs said...

Thank you Damian for the tip of the hat in your article. :)

Those of us who blog sometimes don't have a notion of how powerful our blogs can be for linking like thinking souls.
If Slade had not stepped out TO blog, I doubt we would have
ever met.
My hat certainly tips HIS way. :)

I believe that our meeting and exchanging thoughts has raised the vibrational frequency of each of us, and that in turn has been sent out into the ~ world.

How often do you hear...'we're on the same wave length' !!!
AND how very true it is !!!

I love your analogy of music. My daughter Nicole was just commenting to me yesterday that just the right song seems to show up for her at JUST the right time.

Very soon my own blog will be taking a more ~ inside deb ~
I had contemplated creating a second blog, and then I thought - HEY that would be like splitting myself into two worlds and that surely would not be a good thing.

xo xo

Damian said...


How very true, my 'vibrations' have certainly advanced through meeting and chatting with you and Slade.

It's a wonderful journey and I'm loving every minute ofit - there are so many stories to tell but I don't feel that some have run their course so I'm waiting to see where they go before putting them on here.

Looking forward to seeing the whole of you aon Deb_inside and I agree that it would be wrong to split yourself - how can you be an inspiration to others on the same journey if they can't see and relate to the foundations of where you are now.

I'll send you extra Love and Light to start that metaphysical makeover SOON - find the time, post that article, be the change ;)

Take care,


Craig Photography said...

Great post - Keep up the great writting....

Damian said...


Thanks for taking the time to post a comment and any encouragement to continue is always a welcome inspiration.

Great site btw and I wish you the best of luck in your new venture.

Take care,


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