Sunday, April 08, 2007

Reflections @ Easter

Today is Easter Sunday and I have been feeling much more ‘Christian’ recently in more of a standard religious way. Possibly for the first time in my life I have actually taken a real interest in the story of Jesus and the message that Easter sends out to the world and what it means to me.

I wouldn’t consider myself a committed Christian nor have I ever felt the need to visit a Church of any kind. Organised religion, in my mind, is, and has always been, one of the most destructive and negative forces in the World – ever. For someone to kill another human because they do not share the same belief system is ludicrous in the extreme. War to be waged ‘in the name of’ religion is a total hypocrisy.

But recently I have seen the positive side of it all. How religion gives people hope, solace and comfort. The guidance, community and belonging that many find in being a part of a congregation. The collective meditation that occurs during a service relieves some from everday stresses and strains and their belief supports many at times of great need.

Jesus to me was a man who stood up for the little people and spoke out against the oppression and corruption that he saw in HIS world. He expressed the hope of a people that had become disillusioned with their Holy Men and the Government of the time and the way they used belief as a form of control.

A revolutionary who preached an alternative way of life, encouraged understanding, and promoted personal and spiritual development. His church wasn’t a musty building made of stone – his church was inside himself. He didn’t need absolution for the way he lived his life – he knew he was on the right path. He trusted his intuition and was an inspiration for others.

I can relate to this picture of Jesus and try to live my life as best I can. Yeah, OK – I accept I’m human and I make mistakes but I always try to learn from them. I analyze my reactions and measure myself against everyone I know. I mirror the good I see and respect in others and I am much harder on myself than anyone else ever could be.

I am in a position in my life where I make sure I learn at least one new thing each day about the World and also one new thing about myself. It’s not enough for me to only look outwardly, there must be some time spent each day looking inside myself and tinkering with what I find. A tune-up of my sub-conscious with the aim of making it ‘purr’.

I do this in the hope that during my time in this world I cause the least pain or distress to others as is possible, but at the same time not allowing people to use me or those I care for. The way I see it, I don’t go out of my way to hurt anyone else so I don’t expect anyone to do it to me. I am the best friend that anyone could ever have, and will always attempt to ‘turn the other cheek’ – but I will always hold on to retribution and vengeance as an option.

So where would we find Jesus if he was born today? I don’t think he’d be a fat-cat business man, nor would he be shopping in GAP trying to keep up with the passing trends of the day. I think he’d be happier with the New Age crowd, Moshers, Punks, Skaters and Hippies. They’d be the ones that would pick up on his message of Peace, Love and Charity – casting off the material trappings and searching for Truth.

He’d want an end to wars based on deceit – selling the hope of ‘nobility’ to young people looking to make a difference and conned into serving a country that only sees them as a number. The ‘Rulers’ of today are no different to those in Ancient Times. Their motives are still greed and power and to retain control at all costs.

The Jesus of today would look to his so-called ‘Leaders’ and be mightily disappointed, he’d get out there and challenge the lies and deceit, the obsession for material one-upmanship would disgust him, he would look for alternative ways to get his message across - and there’s no doubt that Jesus would Blog.

Take care and may (insert own deity here) bless you,



klm said...

Hey Damien...

Just to let you know, I've tagged you for the Apocalypse Post, started by the Urban Monk. Head over to my website to read my post, and you'll see the link to his original post too, plus your tagging.
Have fun, dying to hear what you'll say!

Apologies for using a comment on a post to do this, couldn't see a contact form or email? Maybe I missed it?

Much joy,

klm said...

Beautiful post Damien. I agree... I often wonder where Jesus would pop up if he were return now. When I was involved in the dance culture, I used to think he might be a DJ, who would start speaking from the DJ booth, little bits here and there... using that forum to engage the crowds, open their minds and hearts... I never thought about how Jesus would blog, and yet of course he would. Maybe he is already...

Much joy,

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