Saturday, April 14, 2007

Welcome to the Soul Terminal

I’m having a really crazy ‘trip’ and loving everything that is being thrown my way. The messages from Spirit are coming thick and fast in the form of ideas, thoughts and mostly ‘hints’. Annoying, mind-scratching hints that buzz around until I’ve done what they ask.

My major influence during this time has been Slade from ‘Shift Your Spirits’ and his e-mails and articles always seem to come just at the right time for me. I know he’s in the process of moving his site so check out
www.sladeroberson.com I’m sure it will be well worth your trouble.

One major ‘hint’ I received was on the definition of the word ‘Meeting’ and how in the past this would infer a colourful, spiritual assembly or gathering where our ancestors would have shared stories, sang and danced. In modern times the word has been soiled by Business and conjures images of tired old men in grey suits pouring through tedious agendas full of buzz-words and legality.

The other ‘hints’ came from questions Debs (who has also felt the ‘change bug’ and is now blogging more from the heart @
www.deb_inside.typepad.com ) sent me asking for my opinion on subjects I’d already covered in my Blog. Namely the ‘flowing Spirit of the Awen’ and the ‘Evolution of the Light’.

I have also been attracting artistic people in my ‘real’ life – an artist that paints fantasy and shamanic scenes, another who makes the most wonderful leaded windows, a VERY charismatic Archealogist, historian and TV Presenter who has much experience in the Spiritual Arts – you get the idea.

So here’s my suggestion of a bigger picture and why all these connections are coming to me.

I feel each of our Higher Purposes have a sub-clause that we will gather together and provide a sanctuary, market-place, library, temple and home for our kindred. A central, though ethereal, meeting place where stories can be shared, art is displayed, music can be heard and our ‘goods’ can be traded. A ‘Community of Light’ that will have an open door and guides at every turn.

Just imagine the CONNECTIONS that would be made here – it can be the NEXUS of Light and a resting place for the weary soul. Somewhere for those on their solitary paths to recharge enjoying a brief respite in their quests for their ever-changing Grails. A place to go for a spiritual band-aid with a potion of inspiration and love near to hand.

I feel that many people’s missions are currently evolving and that is why you are all restless – I feel that
www.soulterminal.com is central to this evolution as a kind of metaphysical ‘Philosophers Stone’. The way by which those with a connection with Spirit in whatever form will have an outlet for their ‘story’ – a way of turning the messages of Spirit into solid form.

Jeff Lilly from
www.druidjournal.net gave me a strong ‘hint’ when I e-mailed and asked him if he’d thought about writing a book and he replied he’d written many but needed an audience first. Imagine an on-line library which would rival Alexandria itself, all in e-book form, and all coached by your friends at the Soul Terminal.

We cannot deny that there is a new Evolution of consciousness. People are looking for meaning and only find the ramblings of ‘teen witches’ and the frilly flowery fairy brigade. If they look for answers in the past there are only dead religions with outdated ideas or the remnants of Spritual Churches being run by Ego’s bigger than Bush. Increase in interest in the Paranormal is growing by the day and they all need a home to take it all to the next level.

This is something much different than the hard edged business drive of many Personal Development forums and the Abundance will find its way to the worthy. We, my friends, may just be the ones to realise this Avalon of now.

I’ve spent some time looking for the right name for this place and the title ‘Soul Terminal’ came flashing bright in my mind. The title refers to people coming to harvest the light and also an assembly of those who work with Spirit. A point in space and time where fate forms cross-roads and brings us to connect.

Another ramble I know but I’ve been ‘hinted’ to tell you so who am I to argue – it’s pushed me this far ;)

If you’d like to visit the new site you can find it at
www.soulterminal.com and feel free to sign up and tinker with what you find. I have been holding back the release of the site until it is ‘totally ready’ but that would go against the whole ethos – it’s not MY site its EVERYBODIES site – it’s YOUR site.

As you’ll see it is fresh out of the box and lacking in content but I’m handing it over and your input and feedback are key – play and have fun but please let me know what else it needs to make it work for you. I’ll be eternally grateful.

Love and Light to ALL,



Debs said...


IF I thought my posts of today
gave me a 'neurotransmitter ~ZING~ you can rest assured I feel the
triple ~ZING~ after reading your post and seeing your unveiling
of the new site. WOW !!!!!

The sense of community of like thinking souls just draws me
right in.

I've registered and hope all who read your blog from today will
also do the same.

xo xo

Nathalie said...

not long ago I was discussing with some people that I've met via my blog, that it does feel that there are some changes for the better on the way...I just hope that when so many people have that same feeling, that it is true :)

Damian said...

Debs and Nathalie,

Welcome to the Soul Terminal - I see you have both registered :-)

Whenever I work on the site there are two quotes that immediately come to mind.

The first is from the film 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' and the second from the film 'Field of Dreams'.

They are 'We are the music makers and we are the dreamers of the dreams' and 'Build it and they will come'.

So I'm sticking with the 'hints'.

Thanks for helping me to make it real.


khlari said...

The strange thing is how many of us are coming to similar conclusions spiritually and mentally, and are not teen witches or happy-clappies, and are using not only an urban family of friends to express this, but the blogosphere as well.....

Vera Nadine said...

Absolute cheers to you Damian for your words...not just for their light and their truth but for their STRENGTH! You have hit the nail right on the head with the evolution of today's Avalon and the Soul Terminal sounds fantastic. Just as you had said when you visited my blog at www.veranadine.com, I am also "drawn" to your words and can't wait to read more! Greatest blessings in all of you endeavors! -Vera

Renee said...

There is definitely a collective consciousness of spiritual awakening going on in society these days. I'm thrilled about it. For the longest time I've felt isolated. But now that I'm on my own journey of awakening, I'm finding more and more people to surround myself with who support that journey and allow me to support theirs.

I love the name of the new site. We've had those moments of inspired thought when naming all three of our kids, and our business. That's when you truly know it's "right".

Thanks for the great post!

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