Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Which Ark are you on? Trusting the Cosmos

Making progress in my career has always been a difficult area of my life and I have always envied and respected those people who are obviously attuned to their profession. Those people who have were at the right place at the right time and those who have a bottomless pit filled with grit, focus and determination.

You see my problem is that I have NEVER known what I wanted to do. I still don’t, and have no idea if there is a job out there that will allow me to read and research extensively (but only the subjects that appeal to me), spend the maximum quality time with my family and friends as possible and help as many people enjoy developing themselves as is feasible in the time I am allowed on this earth to tread my path.

If there is – I’d LOVE to hear from you.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who seems to have stumbled from one job to another with no sense of direction or 5 year plan. Surely WE must be in the majority as I’d hate to be one of the only ones who have been condemned to feel that I’ve ‘totally missed my calling’ somewhere along the way.

As I travel to and from work I look at all the stressed and unhappy faces I wonder why there isn’t a National ‘swap your job day’. Just one day where those that live in town ‘A’ but work in town ‘B’ say enough is enough and swap with those who live in town ‘B’ and work in town ‘A’. How great that would be to relieve congestion and pollution while at the same time seeing all those people reclaiming all that unnecessary lost time.

But that is why I have never had any focus in a career because I don’t really see the point in many of them. In one of my favourite books
‘A Hitch-hikers guide to the Galaxy’ by Douglas Adams (a trilogy in four parts) there was the tragedy of the Golgafrincham’s who fled there planet in three great spaceships in the wake of the destruction of their planet.

The people on the ships, called Arks, had been graded by the type of jobs they did and the first to be launched contained Hairdressers, Telephone Sanitizers, Management Consultants and Marketing executives. They then received a message that no-one else had escaped and that their planet had been destroyed.

This seems a sad story until you realise that the planet Golgafrincham creatively solved the problem of middle managers: it blasted them in to space. The useless third of their population had been packed in Ark 'B' and sent to an insignificant planet. It was quite poignant in the story that they then ended up landing on Earth and the inferrence is that they were our evolutionary ancestors.

Getting back to the point; I find while looking through Job sites, which has become a daily ritual for me, there are very few choices of career in which I can make a difference. There are reams of opportunities if your idea of benefiting the human race is to answer the telephone or sell people something they neither want nor need. I don’t want to ‘get rich quick – OTE’ and if I receive one more e-mail inviting me to take part in ‘a unique business opportunity that I can do from home’ I swear I’ll develop the technology to retrace the message and crush the company.

Maybe I’m too picky and I should send hope packing but I’m a good person and I try my best and feel in my heart that I deserve something better. So I’ve decided to take that Leap of Faith and throw myself on the mercy of the Universe and have decided to send out this message enveloped in Light and will do nothing until I receive a message which gives me positive direction.

“Dear Universe,
Please send me a worthwhile, enjoyable and well paid career without detriment to myself, my family, friends or connections. I ask that a positive message affirming this new direction be delivered by the 13th April 2007 as this will be my 37th Birthday. I thank you in advance for your guidance and assistance and thank Spirit for the wonderful and marvellous journey I am currently on, looking forward to future amazing developments. So mote it be.
Yours in Love and Light,

Immediately after writing this I received an ‘urge’ to step outside remembering that it is One O’Clock in the morning in the UK. I went out and looked up to the sky and watched the clouds drifting past a full moon. It was really beautiful and I decided to say this message out loud while looking to the heavens.

I finished and a few moments passed until it seemed as the Moon glowed much brighter for a couple of seconds as if in recognition to the message I have just sent. The clouds then came in much thicker and blanketed the Moon in their marshmallow embrace reminding me that I should be tucked up under the duvet on this chilly night.

But I’d never leave without passing on the story to you, my friends, and we’ll all have to wait 9 days to see what may come into my life. I certainly hope it’s the missing piece that would enrich my life and that of my family even further.

Take care and remember to be positive in all your pursuits.



Nathalie said...

I had to laugh reading this post, because I know exactly how you feel.
After school I didn't know what to study next - everything seemed great and horrible at the same time, so I just took the first job I could find as an administrative employee, then after a year I changed jobs, now, 4 years later, I'm still at that office, and still wondering what I REALLY want to do, and still I have no idea. I do know that I don't want to be doing my current job for the rest of my life. But then what SHOULD I do? What do I want? Hmm. I don't think I want anything. I probably don't have ambition to become anything important - nor do I find it important to be important, and have lots of money, and a home so big I wouldn't even feel comfortable living in.
I'd rather have a nice quiet life in tune with nature, then wasting my life with stress of work.
I now have it all narrowed down to just a 'few' possibilities; I would either like to be an archeologist, gardner, designer, work with animals or nature-something...but even these directions can change every day. And ofcourse, to do those things I still need to decide which study I need to do. Phew. So many choices!
Ah well, I'm sure that one day - yes, ONE DAY! - I'll know what I'm supposed to be doing.
Good luck with the search, and I hope you succeed! (It would certainly give me some hope!)

Damian said...


I can so relate to your story - I started off by making Beer pumps then went into Insurance. I STILL work in an office, although I'm now a Civil Servant, and know I lost my way a Long way back.

I've worked in the same place now for 17 years so make sure you finish that Education and fight to do something you REALLY LOVE.

Take care and thanks for the comment.


Aaron said...


I have a mastermind group and we were just talking about this same concept the other night.

In my opinion, it all boils down to doing what you WANT to do. If there is no job available for what you want to do, then create one.

You know that anything is possible with the power of the Universe on your side, Damian, so be sure that you are considering what you WANT, not just what you believe it is possible for you to do.

I'm looking forward to hearing what you come up with! :)

Kara-Leah Masina said...

I can so relate to this... as I am also dealing with this. The solution is to create your own 'job', DO what it is you want to do, express your Self, and then let it unfold. Surely if you follow your passion, then the universe will support you in this eventually?
What is it you want to research and write about? Do it. Publish it on a website... see what happens.
Ask, what brings me joy? What makes my heart sing? What can I GIVE to the world?
Sorry... don't mean to tell you what to do... but this is the process I have been undertaking and it's working, slowly, but surely.
I too love to research and process and write...
I also LOVE how you threw the message out to the universe. Wonderful!
Forget about the job sites. Write your perfect job description yourself, make it a divine order to the universe, put it out there, and then make it happen yourself...
Good luck, and heaps of intuitive joy headed your way.
Be bold!

Debs said...


You have planted the seeds
and now you await germination.

Make certain you are thinking
and wording your thoughts with care.

You wrote...
"Making progress in my career has always been a difficult area of my life"

Making progress in my career ~HAD~ always been a difficult area of my life.

The thought is....
Up until this moment or this day.

So you are speaking of what you don't want in the past tense.

"IF you always do what you've always done, you will always get what you've always got".

That tiny change WILL BE the fertilizer of your future. Nurture your sprouts.

xo xo

Damian said...

Wow - guys absolutely WONDERFUL feedback - How can I fail with all this attracted POSITIVITY.

Aaron - 'Creation' rings a chord in me, this is definately an area I'll pursue. Thanks for your continued support

Kara-Leah - Moving on with the 'creation' theme, what an excellent idea - 'Write the Job' and send it out, there could be a business in this itself.

A job site where the 'Community of Light' post the jobs thay want and others respond with practical support.

Your input relates to my previous article 'Giving to Receive' and I'm actually working on something else at the moment which I didn't consider was a 'Business thing' and that fits in PERFECTLY.

Debs - Very good point on the 'HAD' thing, I'll remember to bear that in mind.

LOL @ the Sprout analogy and as you further explained 'outside' this site. The shoot is developing heading for the Light but at the same time the Light provides it with the Nutrients to grow - Inspirational stuff.

A HUGE helping of LOVE and LIGHT to you all.

Take care


khlari said...

Hmmm strikes a chord with me as well...have a CV as long as War and Peace and still don't know what I'd like to do really....like bits of the job I do now..

I would like to write full time really and spend time with my friends and my family.....and have somewhere stable to live, though not ostentatious but comfortable....

I'd like to be a writer, artist, actor, performance poet, clothes designer, stylist, interior designer, teacher, run a bookshop/cafe, depending on what mood I'm in and which head I have on!

And I'm getting a little long in the tooth to decide really...... I just want a job where I can be me.

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