Monday, March 05, 2007

Do you reap or do you sow?

Ever wonder why pop stars and actors turn to self-destruction when they have gone past their peak? Have you noticed that there are some people who crave to be the centre of attention no matter what the cost? Are there others you know that make you feel drained by being in their presence, while others fill you with hope, creativity and inspiration?

The simple answer is that this is due to the transference of energy and different people’s approaches to harvesting the light. In some ways this no different to the process that plants use to gather sunlight.

As we are nourished by the food we eat, the liquid we drink and the air we breath; we also need to replenish and recycle the energy required to revitalise our spirit.

The most pure way this can be done is by the selfless act of giving – unconsciously (or consciously now that you know!) directing some of the energy from within yourself towards another human being with whom you have developed a connection.

Other ways are through the inspiration of life, gathering the energy stored in the earth and the ether. Think how refreshed you feel when you see a beautiful view, experience a tender moment, achieving inner peace from meditation and contemplation.

Crystal users and scientists have known this secret for a long time and the crystal is one the earth’s best forms of natural energy cell and transmitter. The computer you are sat at now contains crystals that enable it to work.

To enable it to continue in its most pure state the energy needs to be constantly flowing or it simply dissipates back into the earth. Those people who simply reap without sowing light act as blockages meaning that the energy returns to the earth to be recharged and purified.

The downside to this is that some people become hooked on receiving energy and produce tolerances. Like a drug they need to find more and more ways of draining it in larger amounts.

The Cult of Celebrity

Look at Pop stars and other celebrities who stand on a stage basking in the adoration of their fans moving to bigger and bigger venues in the quest for more. Only for them to lose their creative inspiration, reach their peak and eventually burning out. Once they have reached burnout they crave something that is missing and often turn to drugs or in extreme circumstances suicide.

What is happening here is that their fans are freely sending energy through their adoration and they themselves are feeling good for taking part in the process. The real victim is the subject of their attention who feels an immense rush, a charge of spiritual electricity running through their very being which, with no channel for escape quickly dissipates.

They simply need to understand that the best way of gaining that energy rush is by passing on theirs to others and creating a space for the harvesting of new sources. This has been achieved by very few who constantly review their creative work, re-align and re-invent. Many others turn to other forms of spiritual nourishment, mostly eastern paths of consciousness.

This then gives different meaning to the phrase ‘do you see the glass as half empty or do you see it as half full?’ The truth is it doesn’t really matter as long as the glass is constantly being emptied to enable it to be refilled.

Thanks for sharing in my energy today.

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