Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Reaching out and enquiring within

Since launching this Blog I’ve found the creative process rewarding and in my new found thirst for inspiration the world around me, and the one within me, are beginning to unfold and reveal glimpses of its secrets.

The other benefit that I’ve felt is that I now have more ‘space’ inside me for new ideas and concepts to develop. This is obviously due to the process of emptying my mind into the pages of this Blog.

Although the mind is an infinite place it does tend to feel that its getting full to bursting at times and everybody needs some form of artistic/creative outlet to relieve the pressure. Some do this through music, others by writing and some by meditation.

I have always been useless at meditation but have been persevering over the last week to see if it can be a beneficial part of my daily improvement. It seems to me that meditation is a conscious act of emptying the mind and re-classifying the information left over – a mental de-frag for those of you who are computer focused.

The progress I have made has been slight and for the first few days all I got was a milky white haze but last night the images started to come through as I learned to let go of my thoughts and the interference of my mind.

I’ve nothing significant to report on my ‘visions’ but stay tuned and if anything comes through rest assured you’ll be the first to know. After all said and done you may call in to my little bit of web space from time to time but this is a journey for me too.

A small glimpse of everyone

Another observation I’d like to share with you relates to my favourite pastime of ‘people watching’. I’ve done this for a long time and can often read other peoples intentions by analysing their patterns – as though I can see a line extending in front of them based on the observations of their inertia over the last few moments.

This is most easily seen in my children and is a skill developed by many parents to help with communication in those years before speech develops. The needs and focus of young children is very basic and can easily be read by stepping back and taking in the wider picture.

On a nice day when I’m not wandering in the woods attempting to get in touch with druidry (I’ll save my druid stories for future posts) I like to go into Manchester City centre and sit in one of the outside squares watching the people go by.

I suppose in its own way this a form of meditation as I am letting go and opening up to all the people around me. I like to try and feel who these people are, Where have they been? where are they going? What are their dreams, their fears, their aspirations, their troubles, their motivations, loves and inspirations?

I like to try and glimpse the stories behind the projection that they want you to see, the real person behind the mask. A question that often crosses my mind when I’m doing this is ‘If you could read the minds of those people walking by would it give you hope and encouragement or would it bring you fear and madness?’

Doing this you soon get lost in the world, and people, around you and if you focus on the positive energy you will come away feeling energised. Try it for yourself and if I’m walking by I’ll try and send out some positive vibes for you to catch, and don’t worry if you read my mind - there's nothing to hide - I put it on here for everyone to see.

Take care and keep searching.


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