Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Is there a cure for the Human race?

There have been five mass extinctions during the history of the Earth but none caused by any of the life-forms that call it home. If we are not careful the human race could be in the unenviable position of being the first.

We are now on the threshold of creating a negative transformation of our world by the activities of the so-called higher species of our planet.

There is an urgent need to cultivate alternative technologies or processes to allow the Earth time to heal. The scale of this challenge is huge but this needs to be looked at in the context of what will happen if we do nothing.

In comparison to the dinosaurs that reigned for 160 million years. We are on course of becoming the instrument of our own extinction in around a quarter of a million years.

If we continue to devastate our environment and destabilize the conditions that sustain life on this planet one possible theory is that we are a virus.

Wikipedia describes a virus as - “A virus is a microscopic particle
(ranging in size from 20 - 300 nm) that can infect the cells of a biological organism. Viruses can replicate themselves only by infecting a host cell. They therefore cannot reproduce on their own. At the most basic level, viruses consist of genetic material contained within a protective protein coat called a capsid.”

A virus moves from cell to cell stripping it of all the nutrients and then moving on to a healthy cell when there is no more left to drain. Are you seeing the comparison?
Is the quest for travel to other planets merely encoded information that is preparing our move to the next cell?

The only way that we can avert this process is to learn to evolve to a state that can co-exist with our host cell – feeding it as well as feeding from it. Entering into a mutual agreement of sustainability and assuring our future together.

A change in human consciousness

Is this the process that many of us are already going through as we experience the change of consciousness that is apparent in every city and town as well as on our TV screens.

Just take a look at the number of alternative, spiritual or ethical shops that are now becoming commonplace as more and more people feel a call to be more responsible while at the same time searching for the answers to questions that direct them along their own path.

So too has the media adapted to the age of Aquarius by developing viewing that is aimed at this shift in perception. Buffy, Charmed, Angel, Most Haunted, TAPS, Haunted Homes, Medium, Supernatural – the list is growing by the week.

Alongside these fictional works the factual channels have programmes covering the search for Bigfoot, crop circles, UFO’s, Ghosts – you name it.

As a 36 year old I remember the days that I had to search high and low for anything on the more ‘strange’ subjects that I craved knowledge. Now everywhere I look there are whole sections dedicated to subjects that range from aura reading to cryptozoology.

It has always been the nature of the human race to see ourselves as the BIG I AM and to look onward and upward. What a shock it would be to many if it was proved that we are nothing but a parasite existing on a planet that is a miniscule element of a much greater entity.

So next time you have a cold be careful where you put that tissue it may contain whole universes and complex civilisations.

Take care of yourselves and the Earth


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