Tuesday, March 06, 2007

How did I get here?

The latest stage of my spiritual awakening only begun a few weeks ago and was set in motion by a set of coincidences.

I had been thinking of a good friend I had lost contact with some years ago when I went through a difficult relationship break-up.

Mark Olly had set up and run an open evening at his home called ‘The Door’ which held discussions and presentations on many historical and esoteric subjects. I had been introduced to Mark by my ex-partner and when she and I split up I stopped going to The Door.

Mark is a very vibrant, enthusiastic and knowledgeable guy and I had this overwhelming urge to attempt to get back in touch. I tried the numbers I had to no avail and couldn’t track him down.

The coincidences started during a discussion with a friend of mine. He was chatting about the previous nights episode of Most Haunted during which he asked me if I believed in ghosts. I explained to him that actually yes I do and throughout my life I had felt them around me and even glimpsed them on a few occasions.

This began when I was about 3 years of age and I used to tell my mother that ‘the shadow man was behind the TV’ on a regular basis.

This continued when we moved house when I was aged 5 but the presences that came to me scared me and I brought down the barriers and shut them out.

Since then I have been able to ‘feel’ if a presence is in the room and I have been asked many times by friends and family to go in the rooms of their houses to tell them if anything is there.

Another time I was sat in the kitchen eating when I suddenly looked up. My Mother, who had her back to the door at the time, asked me what was wrong.

I said that I had briefly seen a man stood in the doorway wearing a cap. I then went on to say that he didn’t mean any harm but was just ‘checking us out’ to see if we were OK.

Thank goodness for that replied my mother, I’ve glimpsed something a number of times and was waiting for you to see it.

But I digress, back to the story.

Prompted by the discussion with my friend I decided to have a look on the Net to see if there are any local ghost groups in the area that we could join together. Yes there is, Club Zero – and they were meeting the following week at a local Pub.

I arranged with my friend to go to the meeting and the guest speaker was a lady named Eleanor who impressed me greatly by her love of life, her knowledge of Spirit and her positive attitude.

During her presentation Eleanor said that she had a shop nearby that also had a room where talks on esoteric, mythology and historical subjects were presented.

A couple of days later I had completed everything at work early and was driving home when I decided I’d make a detour and have a look at the shop.

The shop has an excellent vibe and in no time at all myself and Eleanor had struck up a discussion about the spiritual side of life. At the end of the discussion I said that I had lost contact with a friend, Mark, who would have been an excellent speaker for one of her talks.

She replied that I should come along the following week anyway as they had a presentation on ‘King Arthur in the North West of England’ presented by – Mark Olly.

I nearly fell over, I couldn’t believe it. I went along to the following weeks talk, enjoyed it thoroughly, and am now back in touch with Mark.

The more I trust my intuition the more opportunities open up and the more alive and refreshed I feel. Who knows where this journey may lead – I’ll keep you informed.

I'm glad your connections brought you to me,

Take care



Debs said...


I am reading past posts on your blog.

Interesting to know how you had met Eleanor and that connection
has brought you back to Mark.

I read the last line of this
post...'How did I get here' ?

and your words.....

"I'm glad your connections brought you to me"

I FELT like they were written
just for me. lol

I know every single reader will
be as struck by this line
as I am. :)))))))))))))))

Damian said...


I really should update this tale but I don't feel the time is right just now.

That last line hit home with me too - and I wrote it!

But in a way this is true as the ME of then is far different from the ME of now and my connections have brought me much nearer to the real ME.

That line is also true for everyone who finds their way here as they pass through my Soul Terminal.

Take care


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