Wednesday, March 07, 2007

The Light is evolving along with us

I’ve spoken to many spiritualists that say they have lost their ability to connect with their energy and others that say that the intensity has increased. This seems to be happening more so in the last year indicating that the energy we tap into is evolving.

My feelings are that as we are all part of the Light and we ourselves are having new ideas or building on the concepts of others that Spirit is absorbing that energy and is in a constant state of flux.

This is our purpose in life - to experience all there is to feel and to report back to source on our death for our wisdom to be absorbed in to the One. Each soul is a tiny speck of energy that breaks away from the group consciousness, manifests on earth as you and me and then returns when our time is up to file the report.

If this is so then why are long established practitioners losing their contact? Quite simple, they have reached a point where they have stagnated and have stood still while the Light has moved on. They need to find new sources of inspiration and open up to new thoughts and activities.

We are all at times victims to this process as we find a comfortable way of doing something and then failing to look at this process to see if it can be done differently or improved.

What I am seeing is a change of approach to spirituality as it becomes more mainstream to search for your own belief structure and follow your own path. A move away from the rituals and arcane arts of the past with a more workable integration into the way we live our lives.

Anchor to the past, exist in the present and have hope in the future.

But having said this we must not move too far away from our ancestors established structures as that too would lead us to lose our way. There is much to be found in every religion and organised society that values integrity, morals and truth amongst their pursuits.

Grounding yourself in your culture and ancestry is equally as important as reaching for the heavens and in the pursuit of mystery. Without your feet firmly on the ground you’ll end up flat on your face.

If you are new to your path their can be no greater recommendation than that of browsing through your local book store on subjects such as Druidry, Kabbalah, Christianity, Hinduism, Pagan, Wiccan, Zen, etc and adopting some (or all) into your own ethos towards your higher self and life purpose.

Take the time to talk to others and actually listen to their responses. Everyone has ideas about why we are here and what our purpose may be its just that nobody has taken the time to ask them.

As Spirit flows through all of us then this is a vastly untapped resource and a sure-fire way of increasing global awareness and understanding. If you take the time to discuss this subject with just one person I can guarantee that they will go on to ask at least three more, and so on and so on. Take pride in yourself for instilling the spark in another and step back and watch it grow.

Make it your mission today to awaken the thirst for wisdom in someone else. Do this in person, in internet chat rooms, on forums, wherever. The answers will never be found by one person alone but together we can develop a group consciousness and work through it together. Let me know what responses you uncover, I’m really interested to know.

Assist your evolution and take care.

Note: Image reproduced from http://xkcd.com/

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