Monday, March 05, 2007

Education or conditioning?

Are you a questioner? Was school a frustrating time for you? Were you unable to accept that because the sky was blue and the grass green that this was the end of the discussion?

Me too, I always wanted to know why the grass was green and if what I was seeing as green was somebody else’s red. Each answer I received merely acted as a catalyst for further questions. I really should track down my Teachers and apologise :)

The system doesn’t allow for the nurturing environment that real Learning needs for it to flourish – this is where those of you who are parents (or become parents) come in. It is your role to develop and encourage the questioner in your children thus sowing the seeds of sustainable development and an early thirst for seeking knowledge and self-discovered wisdom.

School and the formalised education system is one of the biggest barriers to personal and spiritual development. Many of our most deep rooted hang-ups, fears and phobias are as a direct result of our negative experiences of the educational institution.

To move forward it is necessary to return to these experiences and explore each as a potential crossroads that still needs to be investigated. These may be where you developed personal flaws that are now manifesting as a block in your current awakening and many of these may be due to the accepted views of our current society.

The foundations of society are based on the educational system and as the current western society is itself founded on Christianity and the indoctrination of roman occupation this leaves little room for the development of alternative thinking.

Perception of time

To demonstrate this point let’s take a look at the accepted method of recording time first proposed by Dennis the Short in the 6th Century - the calendar. This pivots on an accepted point in time which is the presumed birth of Christ. Everything before his birth is denoted as BC (Before Christ) and everything after AD (Anno Domini – in the year of the Lord). This has become universally accepted but in theory is not politically correct.

If you had been born on the 1st January 2000 this would be 2451544.5 in the Julian calendar, 24 Tevet 5760 in the Hebrew calendar, in the Mayan calendar long count and 24 Ramadan 1420 (1420-9-24) in the Hijra (Islamic Calendar).

Many of these alternatives have been around a long time before Christianity came into force and have an equal claim to being the correct method of recording time.

I’d like to clarify here that I hold no animosity towards the Christian faith (or any other for that matter) but wish to demonstrate the definitions that were in place long before you were born and now act to outline the way you perceive the world.

To be consciously aware of these classifications and then reach beyond these confines is a thoroughly cathartic experience. Think about what other areas there are that you take for granted as being ‘the way it is’ explore them and let me know.

Always remember that this is a journey we tread alone but often we join a fellow traveller along the path for mutual benefit.

Take care, thanks for walking with me for a while.


Note - If you’d like to see your own details the work has already been done for you – check out the Birthday Calculator at
http://www.paulsadowski.com/BirthDay.asp as one example but I’m sure there are many others available on the Net.


Debs said...

Another post that has
certainly struck a chord !!!

"Was school a frustrating time for you? "

I do believe that every teacher
that I ever had made a comment something like this...

"IF Debra would only pay attention and buckle down, she would be a
very good student"

My Mother to this day...
will tell the story of sitting
down with me in the kitchen to work on math homework. (YUCK)
Our kitchen table was in front
of a window....
I recall it plainly, her voice was a drone in my head...
I said to her...
"Look at the pretty clouds"

I was no doubt a total frustration to my Mom, because she did not share my world of wonder.

Damian, when I read this line...

" I always wanted to know why the grass was green and if what I was seeing as green was somebody else’s red."

I was stunned and sat right
up straight from reading...

OMG....... I have ALWAYS
wondered or questioned about
people seeing the same shades
of colors.
With the specific thought...
"Is my green your green" :))

Damian said...


Maybe you too should aologise to your Teacher - your Mom. If she is one of the 'sheep' rather than a 'wolf' (and that is not meant in a derogatory sense) then she was happy in her conditioning and would have had no idea about the frustrations you went through.

As for the colours - it's back to the 'vibrations'.

Take care, glad your enjoyiing the previous posts.


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