Saturday, March 03, 2007

Just add water - giving up taste in favour of convenience

Having enjoyed the day showing my partner and children the magical places, and passing on the stories, at a local beauty spot I feel energised and know this to be a good time to begin the next stage on my particular journey.

Imparting knowledge to those you love is a magical and fulfilling exercise and provides the catalyst for the best of memories, not yet experienced, the opportunity to manifest.

As we stumbled through the woods and along the muddy uneven paths they acted as a metaphor for the way we stumble through this life. The ups and downs, the shared laughs, the natural beauty, and the obstacles we had to overcome through a blend of contemplation and physical strength.

A truly wonderful day that will now be added to the family story, some special moments that will be raised many times from now in the manner of ‘do you remember when…….’. This is the aim of life and is easily in reach of anyone.

Use your time wisely, research the interesting places in your accessible locality, compile a library of bus and train timetables, revel in your cultural, natural and historical ancestry and treasures; and most of all discover your SELF through your own personal journey.

One journey leads to another

There's a trap that everyone falls into in labelling each other but most of all themselves. You know what I mean - Hi, I'm Damian, Father, Partner, Son, Grandson, Employee, Spiritualist, Freemason, Druid, Pagan, White, Male, English.

Why can't it just be - Hi, I'm Damian?

People are trying so hard to be many things that they have simply lost themselves. The pseudo projection of who they want people to see them to be has got in the way of BEING who they are and striving to be who they want to be.

The dreaded EGO has become the new religion in place of community.People of 18-21 see themselves as fully grown human beings simply because they have finished growing physically - but I feel that this the time that they should begin growing both mentally and spiritually.

What this acceptance in today’s society has created is a whole bunch of adults that are mere infants when it comes to their outlook, ideas, creativity, inspirations, emotions and most worrying of all - their ability to interact with each other and the earth.

This acts as a barrier to the development of the Self and limits the flow of energy.

The flow of energy

Receiving or sending energy (light, chi, etc.) has to be an ongoing process for the light to be re-charged, purified and evolved. The light by nature needs to be constantly on the move for it to fulfil its purpose.

There are many out there who spend all their time gathering energy which only becomes stale and eventually fades. There are also those (and I've been one myself) who give out energy in good faith to others hoping that they will develop themselves; but eventually through focusing on giving you become drained and low.

This realisation was a turning point in my own journey and once I realised I began to make time to harvest energy to enable me to carry on passing it on to others. This is a simple process for me - spending time with friends who inspire me, walking in the woods or reading a book that has been written with passion - the energy leaps off the page!

Thanks for taking the time to read my words and I hope that some of my words strike a chord within you and that they become a part of your own philosophy or belief system.

But as someone great once said "It's better to have an idea than a belief because ideas are easier to change".

Take Care


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