Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Writing for Positivity - Receiving from Giving

Woo Hoo – another milestone reached – Blog number Twenty.

I’ve never done any creative writing before and when I started this Blog I had no idea where it would lead or if my ramblings would find a connection with anyone else. I still feel that I’m finding my feet and each day brings new discoveries in the Blogosphere and I’ve spent whole days just following the connections from one Author (I hate the word Blogger) to another and the gems of information that people are offering up for viewing are an inspiration in themselves.

I’ve already met some excellent people through this endeavour and know that there are many more just waiting at the end of the next ‘click’. I know I’m probably preaching to the converted and that many of those who take the time to read these articles are Authors themselves. This creates such a vibrant, supportive and colourful community that I’d recommend having a go to anyone – there really is a piece of web just waiting to receive your love and nurture.

It’s so instant too – no sooner than you have an idea, you can give it life and post it on your site for a passer-by to pick up and love. This also has the additional benefit of clearing your mind and opening it up for further inspiration.

On a spiritual and developmental point I have become much more open to the world in the hope of finding further material to write about. I have begun to take a real interest in other people’s stories waiting for that nugget of creativity that will lead to more interesting reading for my audience.

I have found myself becoming more organised and energetic. The thrill of seeing a comment in my inbox waiting for approval seems sad but is the sign that someone has taken the time to offer me encouragement and approval without any request for something in return. This could be such a competitive medium but in the whole it isn’t – many people offer praise, help and support for nothing more than the enjoyment of seeing a fellow Human succeed.

If you get drawn in with page rankings and league tables you’re completely missing the point. The enjoyment is in the creation more than the result and the expanding of the mind by flexing the grey matter in hope of entertaining others is my idea of a worthwhile activity.

I’ve found myself again through writing and all the interests and fun things I always enjoyed doing are once again appealing. I’ve started reading the Tarot again, finding much more of note in each card and trusting even more in my intuition to feed my descriptions and explanations of the spread as a whole.

Crystals are reclaiming their space in my home too. A large piece of Rose Quartz is close by while I write this, an Amethyst bed is charging on the window-ledge and my pocket rattles with a few tumble stones. The kids love this and have been pestering me for some ‘magic stones’ of their own rather than chocolate eggs this Easter.

The Bamboo is flourishing on the mantle-piece bringing us luck and abundance. There are a selection of Incense Sticks available depending on the mood and a friend who came to visit commented how much more calmer and happy the house felt.

Ideas and inspiration in all elements of my life are coming to me much more easily and the impetus is focused on the creation of concepts and plans. I’ve always been an ideas person but I had previously looked too closely at the pitfalls and barriers whereas now I see possibilities and promise.

The best way to sum it up is that Blogging has brought more Positivity into my life and acted as a filter for the Negativity in me.

I can’t wait to see where the next twenty posts will lead me and I hope you’ll tag along for the journey – it wouldn’t be the same without you.

Take care, keep smiling, search for truth, be the change.



Deb said...

Hey Damien,

Inspiring post today...

It fact so inspiring, I created a
post on my site with a dedication to you. :)

Curious, in a pervious comment back
to me, you thanked me by saying....
"Debs". Is it common to add the S to people's names ?

I ask, because my family and only
a couple of other very dear friends
add the S. It was a pleasant startle to see you had added it, and it totally peaked my curiosity.

Damian said...


You have just given the BEST compliment I have ever received.

Half way through typing up this post I stopped andnearly deleted it but something pushed me to continue and after a few moments of contemplation the words flowed freely.

Now I know why.......it was for YOU.

I cannot thank you enough for the dedication to such a beautiful poem - you really are a star.

And we share our favourite quote too!

Also on the 'adding an S' - now I think about it I don't usually do that so we have must have found a very strong connection between us.

Take care and be the change.

Damian x

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